Prisoners: PDACTFEU Events in Romania

During 25th May – 28th May 2016, a bunch of events were held in Romania.





Please find the schedule of the events by pressing here: Short schedule of events in Romania

Attendees and presentors:

Mr. Aivaras Daukantas, Lithuania, Kaunas remand prison, Parole commission member, Lawyer in private sector companies, CEO and director of Association ‘Novi Homines’, Lector of Law at Kaunas Technology university (IT law, data security law) and Vilnius K. Simonavičiaus university.

Ms. Ann-Catrin Dehmer, Lithuania-Germany, Student of Social Sciences, „International Social Work“, exchange Lithuania – Germany, programme with M. Romeris University, ‘Novi Homines’ intern.

Mrs. Ingrida StankevičienėLithuania, Master degree in Social sciences, Social worker speciality,Vilnius university; Marijampolė Penitentiary Chief of Staff squad.

Ms. Vilmantė Gintaraitė, Lithuania, Bachelor degree in Psychology, Vytautas Magnus university; current: Master of Law Psychology in M. Romeris university; Alytus correctional facility, psychologist, Psychological Service Head; Vilnius University, General Department of Psychology Specialist, researcher.

Mr. Martin Zaschel, the desk-officer for the education of prisoners and for the vocational education and train-ing of prison staff, MINISTERIUM DER JUSTIZ UND FÜR VERBRAUCHERSCHUTZ Diether-von-Isenburg, Germany. Topic ‘A short introduction to the prison system in Rhineland-Palatinate’.

Administration and staff from Bistrita, Baia Mare and Satu Mare prisons, Romania.

1.2. Discussion ‘How much freedom can you take away from someone?’. Prison and isolation conditions are build on sensory deprivation and especially tough conditions, situation in different EU countries. Cruel and inhuman: Conditions of isolation for detainees at Guantanamo Bay.

1.3. ‘Art as Therapy’.

1.3.1. Interactive workshops ‘Freedom to create’. What can art therapy offer in prison environment? Therapy as integral part of treatment plan: relationships with family and friends, strengthened and supported.

1.3.2. Exhibition of prisoners paintings ‘Art makes me a new man’.

1.4. Open Discussion: Suicide Among Corrections Officers. Risks of stress, burnout, depression, and suicide rates among police officers, case study.


Description of the Event:


The social reintegration of inmates is a process that starts in the execution phase already. Therefore it is important to have specialists who evaluate educational and psychosocial needs. This means that the preparation for release and social reintegration begins immediately after the placement in a detention center. They developed three main strategic objectives:

  1. Developing institutional and inter-institutional capacities in the social reintegration domain intended to prisoners and former prisoners.

  2. Developing educational, psychological and social assistance programs during detention and inform the public about reintegration issues

  3. Facilitating post detention of assistance to a systemic level.

Regenerative interventions are on two levels, educational activities and psychosocial activities. In the probation service they try to help prisoners with CV and training to make them find a job.

Police shows in prison created movie in schools as prevention work (Movie: “The World”)

Baia Mare:

There are not enough probation services in Romania, which is a big problem. There are only 400-500 probation officers for 40000 people in probation and 30000 in prison. There will be 800-900 more people as reintegration staff for whole Romania, but this process just started. The hiring of staff changed in the last years, because now there is a mandatory training for them. There were also E-Learning courses for Romanian Prison staff introduced through the platform “Moodle”. Due to the E-Learning they staff is flexible to learn whenever they want and it is accessible everywhere. So it is like an online handbook for prison staff.

In the period from 2011-2013 there was a project funded by European Union to help prisoner find a job after leaving prison through vocational training/post detention assistance/opening of small businesses. But this was only a local program.

From 2015-2017 another program for integrated solutions for domestic violence started.


The transition management in Germany changed.

Social Workers concentrate/specialize on reintegration.

If the sentence is served till the last day, there is no probation service. Therefore prison inmates are released some months earlier to have a probation help. The probation services are partly privatized (NGO’s), because of that there are many differences in the probation services.


Unfortunately, some parts of the events were held in prisons, where photo-shooting is not allowed. There are some photos from other parts of the events, e.g. memorial museum of genocide, museum of remembrance of communism victims .

Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance.

Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance.

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Sighetul Marmatiei Memorial Museum for Communism Victims.

Sighetul Marmatiei Memorial Museum for Communism Victims.

IMG_5998 IMG_6004 IMG_5999 IMG_5997 IMG_5996

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