Novi Homines - Pilietiškumą skatinanti organizacija

Prisoners: Present Discussion and Contribution to the Future European Union

Field of activities:

  1. Initiation of intercultural dialogue by bringing European citizens of different nationalities and different languages together and by giving them the opportunity to participate in common activities (debates, conferences, direct encountering, workshops, initiated role-model conversations and simulative situations) related to civic dialogue with convicts and related people.
  2. The events will be organized in Lithuania and in partners‘countries.
  3. The participants of the events will be the active members and representatives of institutions of imprisonment, ex-prisoners, NGOs (working with relatives of sentenced people), municipalities, social departments, universities.

  1. The workshops will offer an opportunity to professional dialogue.
  2. Also we will organize guided tours for public citizens visiting the prison.
  3. We will initiate role-model conversations and simulative situations of a prisoner who is just after his release.
  4. Disseminate the results of the Project across borders (sharing the results of discussions, promoting the spread of information in different countries), thereby reaching indirectly a European audience.
  5. At the professional meetings we will exchange good international practices.

Eligibility period:

Project must be held between 1st August 2015 and 31 January 2017.

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